The Shimojo Psychophysics Laboratory is one of the few laboratories on the campus of the California Institute of Technology which exclusively concentrates on study of perception, cognition, and action in humans. Employing a variety of techniques such as eye tracking, TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), tDCS, fMRI, EEG, as well as more traditional psychophysical paradigms, we try to bridge the gap between cognitive and neuro sciences. We would like to understand how the brain adapts real-world constraints to resolve perceptual ambiguity and to reach ecologically valid, unique solutions. In addition to our continuing interest in surface representation, motion perception, attention, and action, we also focus on crossmodal integration and visual preference/attractivenss decision.


* News: Dr. Stiles and Prof. Shimojo published a paper on intuitive texture stimuli for sensory substitution in Scientific Reports.  Journal article.  Caltech Media Article.

* News: Dr. Stiles and Prof. Shimojo published a book chapter on Sensory Substitution and Crossmodal Plasticity in the Oxford Handbook of Perceptual Organization.  Links: (hardcover version at OUP)­‐Perceptual-­‐Organization-­‐Library-­‐Psychology/dp/0199686858 (hardcover version at Amazon)

* News: Dr. Stiles and Prof. Shimojo published a paper on constancy learning with sensory substitution in Frontiers in Psychology

* News: Dr. Gharib and Prof. Shimojo published a paper on social preferences in Autism in Neuropsychologia

* News: Prof Levitan, Dr. Stiles, and Prof. Shimojo published a paper on crossmodal rate adaptation in Scientific Reports

* Prof. Shimojo has been writing as a regular scientific columnist for a Japanese newspaper (Asahi Shimbun) digital site (Asahi WEBRONZA).  In case you read Japanese, here are all the articles until recently (3 month ago).