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List of demos and materials

List of demos and materials: (Shimojo, S., 10/16/2020)

This is the latest package of Auditory-Visual illusions studied in this laboratory, which anybody can experience.
For those who are attending a lecture by Prof. Shimojo, or his lab members/collaborators, we recommend downloading all these demos ahead of time. Best experience when the movies are played from your personal computer.



– Download the movies by clicking right-click and selecting “Download linked file”.

– Most of A(uditory)-V(isual) demos work better in the peripheral visual field, so try to fixate away (>30 deg. visual angle) to observe. In some cases, the movie works better, in some other cases, the YouTube movie may work better.


  • Human magnetoreception:

“Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?” on YouTube:


  • Double flash illusion:

Download the movies here: flash1beep10Hz (Converted)  and flash2beep10Hz (Converted)

“Double flash illusion” on YouTube:


  • Stream/bounce effect:

Download the movie here: MSR_Groveetal_collinear

Motion illusion 2v” on YouTube:


  • AV rabbit effect:

Download the movie here: AVRabbit 2019 Demo_Updated_6_15

The 3V-5A version by Y. Kamitani on Twitter: