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Past Projects


Infant Perception Lab

The Infant Perception Lab at Caltech attempts to gain new knowledge in the normal development of auditory and visual perception and their interactions. As adults, we often take for granted our ability to integrate the sights and sounds around us into a single percept of the external world. This is an ability that your baby is only now beginning to develop, and will continue to do so during his or her first year of life. Every sight and sound, from looking at your face to hearing your voice, is a learning experience for your child and how this development proceeds is of great importance to our understanding of the workings of the human brain and nervous system. The knowledge we will gain from you and your baby’s participation in this study may lead to better education, diagnosis, and treatment of developmental disorders.

ERATO project

Shimojo Implicit Brain Functions Project started on October 1, 2004, and is aiming at understanding implicit, or subconscious, brain functions underlying conscious emotional decision making. Based on the assumption that somatic processes, in particular orienting and its neural correlate, precedes conscious emotional decision, our scientific goal is to identify the neural precursors as well as behavioral principles that determine emotional decision such as preference

Past Individual Projects: